rattan furniture from indonesia

Why You Should Choose Rattan Furniture From Indonesia

Rattan furniture from Indonesia is a great way to add a unique, tropical feel to any room in your home or office. With an extensive selection of pieces ranging from traditional Asian styles to modern creations, you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touches for your space.

What is Rattan?
Rattan is a climbing palm native to the Indonesian archipelago. The substructure of rattan is made up of thin, pliable stems that form a flexible internal structural skeleton for weaving furniture pieces like chairs, outdoor lounges, and bed frames. This dense yet lightweight material is easy to work with and stands up well to outdoor elements without corroding or rusting.

Why Buy Rattan Furniture From Indonesia?
Indonesia produces some of the highest-quality rattan furniture in the world. Indonesian crafters have perfected the art of weaving, creating lightweight yet strong furnishings that can stand up to the elements. The best way to shop for rattan furniture is to find a certified Indonesian supplier whose products are backed by a warranty and a reputation for excellent craftsmanship.

Styles and Types of Indonesian Rattan Furniture
When it comes to style and type, there are several types of rattan furniture made in Indonesia. From classic cane lounge chairs to modern swing seats in various colors, you’ll find something for every decorating style. Additionally, many Indonesian manufacturers offer customizable options such as unique shapes, sizes, and designs. Whether you’re looking for contemporary pieces or traditional antique items, you can find it all.

Shopping for Indonesian Rattan Furniture – What to Look For
When shopping for Indonesian rattan furniture, it’s important to consider several factors. Look for furniture that is made of high-quality materials with strong frames and joints. Inspect the surface to ensure the rattan weaving is even, tight, and free from defects. Additionally, ensure any wood used in the construction is properly cured and not splintered or warped. Finally, research the manufacturer—look for positive reviews online and ask questions about craftsmanship, warranties, and shipping policies.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Rattan Furniture From Indonesia
The beauty of Indonesian rattan furniture is its relatively low maintenance and ease of cleaning. Dust regularly with a feather duster or soft, dry cloth to keep dirt from settling on the surface. To remove dirt or stains, dampen a cloth with mild dishwashing detergent and wipe gently—never use abrasive cleaners such as powders or steel wool. Additionally, situation your furniture once a year with a beeswax or oil wax solution to protect it from moisture and help it maintain its natural luster.

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