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The Essential Guide to Buying Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Rattan Furniture

Whether you’re looking to decorate your indoor or outdoor space, wicker rattan furniture is a great choice. This essential guide breaks down everything you need to know about these furniture pieces, from materials and styles, to how to pick the perfect set for your home.

What is Rattan?
Rattan is a natural fiber material that is used to make many pieces of furniture, including wicker furniture. It’s lightweight and durable, making it perfect for various indoor and outdoor applications. Rattan is an environmentally friendly and sustainable resource, as it’s harvested from the bark of climbing palms. The cane’s natural fibers are then woven into furniture pieces like chairs, tables, stools, sofas, etc.

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Wicker Furniture.
It’s important to understand the differences between indoor outdoor wicker furniture, as this will determine what furnishings you need for each area. Indoor wicker is often treated with varnish or other protective finishes, making it more resistant to dirt and water damage. Outdoor wicker requires a much stronger finish that can endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Polishes or sealers designed specifically for outdoor use should be used regularly to avoid any cracking or fading of the material.

Frame Materials for Rattan Furniture.
When it comes to wicker, there are a few key materials used in its construction. Natural rattan is the most popular choice when it comes to weaving the furniture’s pattern — its lightweight yet durable nature makes it an excellent option. Bamboo, cane, reeds and willow can also be used and come with their own unique properties that give your furniture a personalized flair. Be sure to consider the material of your frame when shopping for your indoor or outdoor Rattan furniture – opt for one with a strong structure so you know your pieces will last for years.

Comfort Cushions for an Added Luxury to Your Home Interiors
Comfortable cushions are the cherry on top when it comes to modern furnishings and make a huge difference in your comfort experience. Chair and chaise lounges come with their own seating cushions that create an inviting atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends. For indoor wicker furniture, look for softer cushion fillings made of high-density foam wrapped in quality fabric material; this ties together any room perfectly. When choosing outdoor rattan sets, opt for cushioned designs that offer quick-dry capabilities so you don’t have to worry about rain getting the seat wet.

Letting You Style with Versatility – The Varieties of Rattan Weaves Available
With wicker furniture, there are endless varieties of rattan weaves and designs that you can choose from. While the classic reed or cane weaving is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor sets, you can also find intricate patterns like flatweave, diamond weaves, herringbone twill, traditional round rod weave, and open mesh weave. Whether you’re looking to keep things light and airy or create an atmosphere of sophistication in your space, the variety of weaves available makes it easy to customize your perfect look.

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