how to repair rattan furniture

Easy Steps to Fixing Your Rattan Furniture at Home

Rattan furniture can last for years with proper care and maintenance. And with a few tools and some basic supplies, it’s easy to repair rattan furniture right at home. Learn the secrets of how to repair rattan furniture with this guide.

Evaluate the Damage
Before you can begin repairing, it’s important to assess the extent of the damage. Then you can decide on which materials are needed for your project. You’ll likely need epoxy or polyurethane glue for most repair jobs and some sandpaper, cotton cloths, and steel wool. Rattan wood strips or cane webbing are usually necessary if a section needs replacement. Be sure to choose materials that match the furniture’s current color and style.

Clean Well and Inspect Carefully
Before beginning any repairs, it’s important to thoroughly clean the rattan furniture. Use a cloth or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from hard-to-reach corners. Do this on both the broken piece and anywhere else that requires repair. Once everything is clean and dry, inspect the corners, joints, and curves for signs of damage. Look for loose spikes, exposed cane material, chipped wood pieces, or other physical issues that need attention.

Repair Splits From Regular Wear
If you have split in the rattan, use sandpaper to gently scrape away frayed fibers and then glue the slits back together. You can cover any visible glue with rattan glue. This will keep it secure and protect it from further damage. For larger splits, you may need to re-weave new strands or spines using a rattan cord or rope. To do this, tie one end of the starting strand onto an undamaged edge of your piece as a base. Then twist and wrap the strand around each broken line until all lines are connected again. Finish off with a couple of knots on the opposite side.

Work with a Professional to Re-Weave or Reshape Furniture
Hiring a professional is your best option if the repairs are too extensive for you to handle. The person will use specialized techniques to reshape and re-weave rattan strands. This service is beneficial if your furniture has an abnormal shape or an intricate design that would be difficult to replicate at home. Professional rattan repairers can replace missing furniture parts, like cushion foam or straps.

Determine Sealing Options to Protect and Preserve
Rattan furniture is made with natural materials that can decrease its life span if left untreated and unprotected. To keep rattan looking its best for years, choosing the best sealer for the job is essential. There are many types of sealers on the market; some use lacquer, and some use wax. Choose a product that says it’s specifically designed for outdoor use on wicker or other raw materials like rattan. Test a small furniture area before applying a coating on the entire piece.

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