how to make rattan basket

The Beginner’s Guide how to make rattan basket at Home

With just a few materials and some time, you can make a beautiful rattan basket in no time. This simple guide will provide you with all the tools and materials you need to start weaving your masterpiece, as well as some helpful tips for success. Read our tips how to make rattan basket below.

Gather Supplies for the Basket.
Get started on your rattan basket by gathering the necessary supplies. You will need about 20-30 yards of pre-dyed rattan reed, a half-inch or 5mm flat reed for ribs and latticework, scissors, glue, and a roll of tape. You’ll also need some natural jute twine to use as a foundation material and to tie off the pieces and cords you’ll be weaving in. Finally, you’ll need a drop spindle or Wagoner clamp to aid you with basic weaving techniques. Once all these materials are ready, it’s time to get weaving!

Measure and Cut the Rattan Reeds.
The first step in making a rattan basket is to measure and cut the rattan reeds. To do so, mark the length at which you would like your basket to be along the reed and then use scissors to cut off the excess. Make sure that when you are cutting, you are holding all of the materials at 90 degrees from each other. This will ensure that it remains uniform, giving your finished piece an overall symmetrical look.

Weave the Bascket’s Rim and Structure.
Once you have cut your reeds and gathered all of your materials it’s time to start weaving. Begin with the rim of the basket, as this will provide a frame for your pattern. Start by connecting two pieces of rattan at a 90-degree angle and weave them together in an up-and-down pattern. Continue this until you have reached the desired circumference and then move onto the sides of the weaving, applying the same technique used for the rim. From here it is just a matter of repeating this process until you reach your desired height.

Create a Base for Your Basket.
You will need to create a base for your basket in order to give it stability. To do this, start by carefully weaving four pieces of reed together. Weave them up and down, tightly connecting the pieces with the base in a cross pattern. Once you have completed this, use scissors or wire cutters to trim any excess rattan from the bottom of the basket. Finally, use pipe cleaners to further secure the sides and bottom of the basket before completing your masterpiece!

Add Handles and Adornments to Your Rattan Basket.
To give the basket a more personal touch, try adding some handles or adornments. You can purchase rattan strips for handles that are easily attached to the side of the basket with wire. If you want to get creative, use colorful beads for added detail. Attach them in a decorative pattern to the sides of the basket with hot glue, and you’ll have your own unique piece of art.

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