custom rattan furniture

Get Creative with Custom Rattan Furniture Ideas and Inspiration

Let rattan take your living space to the next level with stylish and unique custom rattan furniture! With pieces ranging from chairs, tables, and sofas, find the perfect addition to your home that is sure to stand out.

Choose the Right Color
When selecting the perfect rattan furniture piece, it is important to choose the right color and pattern that complements your overall design style. Consider colors and patterns that fit in with all aspects of your home and create a cohesive, curated look. Rattan can come in brighter colors for an airy feel or darker colors for a modern vibe – it’s totally up to you!

Consider the Appropriate Shape
Consider which shapes best fit the rest of the furniture in your space to create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. Rattan furniture lets you mix and match styles for a boho, exotic vibe – from larger, sectional pieces for cozy living rooms to smaller, more delicate designs for terraces or balconies. Whatever shape and style you pick must also be able to withstand various temperatures and weather conditions if placed outdoors.

Mix and Match Different Textures
Rattan furniture isn’t just easy to style, it also allows you to mix and match different textures for a unique, eclectic look. For example, pair wicker chairs with artisanal pieces, or a couple of vintage armchairs with neutral leather cushions for a timeless feel. Rattan is also very customizable and shape adjustable so it can be tailored to fit any space!

Utilize Unusual Accessories
Accessorize the rattan furniture in your home with unusual pieces to create an unexpected and eclectic look. Try hanging dreamcatchers, adding greenery, or displaying near-anthropomorphic shapes to add an interesting touch to the room. For a fun and artistic twist, accessorize your rattan furniture with brightly colored throws and cushions to really bring life into the room!

Play with Accent Colors and Patterns
Rattan furniture naturally exudes a classic style, but you can always add extra decor to spice up your look. Play with accent colors, patterns, and textures in the cushions, blankets, and rugs for a more dynamic aesthetic. Try incorporating vibrant shades with many layers of textiles and create an inviting boho-style environment to instantly modernize your custom rattan furniture.

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